INTERACTION 2016 - Imperial Ride


Posted on 21-May-2019

The Interaction Conference is a brilliant chance view resourceful speakers present their knowledge, challenges and successes, which will give you a fair amount of opportunities to ask the speakers alongside global experts about social communications and engagement. The event will showcase some of the most outstanding global engagement, communications and intranet experts. The streams of events will be going on at the same time, giving you the possibility to switch from one stream to another depending on your curiosity and requirements.

You also gain an exclusive opportunity to gain beneficial insights into current and upcoming trends. If you are sat in the office, this is an extremely valuable way of spending your time outside of the office on a day when you would probably be stuck inside. There is no better way to spend a Thursday morning than to learn about how other companies are working on their intranets. Certainly a wonderful way to boost your ideas and gain inspiration which you can then apply to your own intranet and then measure the likely benefits.



James Robertson ? Step Two Designs
Gerry McGovern ? Customer Carewords
Joel Turner ? Sky Betting & Gaming
Andy Williamson ? University of East London & IOIC
Sam Marshall ? Clearbox Consulting
Elizabeth Connor ? Ernst & Young
David Littlechild ? Lloyds
Patrik Bergman ? Haldex
Steve Beard ? Sticky Content
Haydn Smith ? Interact
Burke Turner ? We Are Atmosphere
Aine Murphy ? Macmillan Cancer Support
Emma Chapron ? University of South Wales
Kofi Kramo ? Royal College of Physicians
Matt Walsh ? Misys
Shona Wright ? Ultra Electronics

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Business Exhibition

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15 September

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